100 NFT Kunstenaars van over de hele wereld werken samen aan een uniek kunststuk: “The Last Bell”, welke op 28 juni 2021 via Foundation.app tentoon zal worden gesteld aan het publiek. Een van de artiesten is Yannic Besten. Via het NFT community-platform h00manly.com heeft Yannic bijgedragen aan een collectie.

The Last Bell

The NFT is called “The Last Bell”. The goal of the artists is to transform our concept of currency by turning this US $100 bill into 100 Ethereum through art. The equivalent of $220,000 at the time of this writing. 

“We all need this community because I truly believe that everyone needs something to belong to, something greater than themselves and we all need a safe space to express who they truly are with like-minded people and it be received and reciprocated with compassion and empathy.” (Lisa, founder of NAC)

Questions about NAC and the $100 bill

  • Organization name : Not Art Club.
  • Art Piece Name : “The Last Bell” 
  • Hashtag : #BlazingBenjies
  • Founder : Lisa Devers
  • Selling as : an NFT on the ethereum blockchain.  
  • Minting June 28th on Foundation.app.
  • “THE LAST BELL” is a collaboration of 100 artists who call themselves “NotArtClub” 
  • Many artists new to the NFT space with no more than 1 year of experience.  Nobody experienced ced with creating giant projects like this. 
  • Artists come from 35 different countries
  • Artists speak over 23 different languages 

How did NAC organize this project? 
Organized by community governance on a discord chat server. Members were able to vote. 

When did this NAC start?
Joined together March 21st 2021 on discord, after a Twitter post inspired the collaboration idea of “The Last Bell”.

Why did NAC start?
To sell one NFT art piece, created by 100 people, in a mosaic style. Topic and picture and name was yet to be decided. Later decided through community governance and voting.  

How voting worked
Members voted on important details such as:

What’s next for NAC? 
Not Art Club plans to grow into a company that continues to mold the new emerging art market, and help eachother succeed across borders and mediums. NAC has the unique ability to share global perspective of artists at any given time. This will always be an asset to our growing community, where voices can be heard.  NAC is opening their previously private discord server to the public. Soon fans, friends, collectors, press and anyone interested to join may, may pop in to interact. Get involved with Not Art Club!  Check out www.notart.club for more! Visit our Gallery via that link for an array of different perspectives on currency and on freedom, from all around the world!


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